Road Testing the Potty Patty and Potty Scotty Training Pants

Potty Patty Training Pants

These are great value for money!  They are so easy for little toddlers to pull on and off and aren’t as bulky as the modern cloth nappy training pants. Pros | Easy pull on/off Cons | Haven’t noted any yet View Potty Patty and Potty Scotty Training Pants Description | These padded potty training pants for girls and […]

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Road Testing the Milk Baby Nighty Night Room Spray

Milk Baby Nighty Night Room Spray

I absolutely love this product!  I honestly thought it wouldn’t work but it did.  I sprayed it in both of my kids rooms and they were out like a light and I was a relaxed woman! Pros | Works really well Cons | Dont spray too much as it can smell strong Description | Nighty night room spray […]

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Road Testing the Grubby Bubby High Chair Cover

Grubby Bubby High Chair Covers

I bought this two years ago and have used it so many times I cant workout how it can still look like new!  This has outlasted my highchair to the point that I now use it at the dinner table over the high backed chair and booster seat.  It washes extremely well and dries fast.  […]

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Road Testing the Samava Body Butter

Samava Body Butter

What a deliciously lovely Body Butter!  Thick, creamy and smells devine.  I have trouble sometimes with dryness and this natural Body Butter goes on smoothly and makes my skin feel sliky smooth Pros | Thick, creamy & fabulous on dry skin Cons | None Description | This gorgeous creamy body butter can be used over the entire body […]

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Road Testing the Nappy Caddy Nappy Caddy

I absolutely love this caddy!  It has saved me room on my kids shelving and it will continue to be used long after my kids are no longer wearing nappies!  Great for anything.  A must have. Pros | Everything! Cons | None! Description | The portable change table for modern living.   4 Fabulous Colours | Blue Lagoon, […]

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Road Testing the Fertile Mind Superbra

Fertile Mind Superbra

Being a bigger busted woman, my bust was not the same after the having my 2 children.  Uncomfortable sleeps and a sore upper back were becoming a regular part of my life until I discovered this product.  Not only does it give me support, it gives me a better night’s sleep not to mention I […]

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Road Testing the Nenooh Baby One Size Nappy

Nenooh Baby One Size Nappy

When I first got this nappy I thought to myself “how on earth does this work”?  But you can use it as an AI2 or Pocket Nappy.  It has velcro tabs for you to attach the insert to the cover so it doesn’t move around or put it in the pocket.  I love the cover […]

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Road Testing the Mother-ease One Size Cotton Nappy

Mother-ease One Size Cotton (Rainbow) Nappies

I liked the trimness of this fitted nappy but after my son had worn the cotton nappy for only 1.5hrs, I found him to be really red from his urine.  I used the Rikki Cover as it fitted well over the OS Nappy and it didn’t leak out. Pros | Trimness and comes in great colours […]

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Road Testing the GroVia All In One Nappy

I dont know what it is about this type of design I love but I do – it is flat in the front and is just funky.  I used this on my 21 month son and it held up really well on the wetting front and the side tabs are stretchy so it fits well. […]

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Road Testing the Fuzzibunz Perfect Sized Pocket Nappy

Fuzzibunz Perfect Sized Pocket Nappy

I was quite surprised by this nappy. With the size of the insert compared to the nappy, I didnt think it would hold up but it did and well. The snap system is OK compared to other snap systems. Pros | Good Nappy Overall Cons | Size of Insert and Snap System Description | Provides you with trim […]

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