Road Testing the Kidbasix Safe Sporter Bottle

I tried these out on my 2 young toddlers with absolute success!  Firstly, no annoying bits to clean and my kids still have fun drinking out of them so it keeps their fluid intake at a maximum.  Two thumbs up.   Description | Introducing the KidBasix Safe Sporter which incorporates a stainless steel vessel, the […]

Road Testing the Silly Billyz Toddler Bibs

I think they are on a real winner with these – I have one for my messy toddler and it saves sleeves and the rest of the clothing.  Not to mention none to very little food falls down the neckline.  The wash really well and are quick drying. Pros | Great Coverage compared to other bibs […]

Road Testing the Milk Baby Nighty Night Room Spray

I absolutely love this product!  I honestly thought it wouldn’t work but it did.  I sprayed it in both of my kids rooms and they were out like a light and I was a relaxed woman! Pros | Works really well Cons | Dont spray too much as it can smell strong Description | Nighty night room spray […]

Road Testing the Grubby Bubby High Chair Cover

I bought this two years ago and have used it so many times I cant workout how it can still look like new!  This has outlasted my highchair to the point that I now use it at the dinner table over the high backed chair and booster seat.  It washes extremely well and dries fast.  […]

Road Testing the Nappy Caddy

I absolutely love this caddy!  It has saved me room on my kids shelving and it will continue to be used long after my kids are no longer wearing nappies!  Great for anything.  A must have. Pros | Everything! Cons | None! Description | The portable change table for modern living.   4 Fabulous Colours | Blue Lagoon, […]