Road Testing the Rump.a.rooz G2 One Size Nappy

This is a great nappy, one of my favourites.  The inner gussets have held many a mess with no leakages!  They have a soft inner and come in fantastic colours and patterns.  They also come in either Aplix (velcro) or Snaps!  They have changed design recently – the previous design which I really liked had […]

Road Testing the Fuzzibunz Perfect Sized Pocket Nappy

I was quite surprised by this nappy. With the size of the insert compared to the nappy, I didnt think it would hold up but it did and well. The snap system is OK compared to other snap systems. Pros | Good Nappy Overall Cons | Size of Insert and Snap System Description | Provides you with trim […]

Road Testing the BabyKicks Bumboo Pocket Nappy

I loved the look of this nappy and the design was appealing.  Was funky and absorbent but found this not practical for my 19 month old son – the waist is extremely skinny so my average sized son was already on the last setting which was snug and wouldn’t have lasted long on him.  This […]

Road Testing the Thirsties Duo Diaper

I love the colours and the style of this nappy, the idea of the two sizes are great as the smallest setting on most other one size cloth nappies just dont quite fit well on small newborns.  As my son is a little chunky, the fit on him is good, no leaks so far and […]