Road Testing the Doopsy One Size Pocket Nappy “D”

I’m impressed!  They are quick drying, well fitting and they have an interesting insert system.  No leakages as yet and you can tailor the absorbtion!

Upsy Baby is currently the only Australian Retailer to stock the Doospy Diaper in Australia.

Description | Doopsy™ “D” – The One Size Pocket Nappy with DOUBLE PROTECTION!  One Layer of Waterproof Fabric (PUL) on the Nappy + One Layer of Waterproof Fabric (PUL) on the Doopsy™ Insert.

The Doopsy™ “D” Nappy comes with one totally unique Doopsy™ medium / large soaker with waterproof backing (US 61/339,054 patent pending) and one small microfiber insert!

Doopsy™ “D” Nappy is adjustable in both size and absorbency and can be used on most babies that range from 4.5-16 kgs. They feature the snap adjustment system that allows for a trim fit tailored to your baby´s body type.

Doopsy™ “D” Nappy comes in a variety of adorable colors, are made of quality breathable waterproof fabric to prevent leaking and have a soft microfleece inside layer to keep your baby dry and happy. The Doopsy™ Insert / Soaker that comes with the Doopsy™ “D” Nappy offers the ultimate versatility, absorbency and leak protection!

Doopsy™ One Size Pocket Nappy “D” comes with:

  • One Doopsy™ medium – large Insert / Soaker with waterproof backing (PUL fabric)
  • One 4 Layer Microfiber Insert.

Please Note: Super Doospy sold seperately – this is the microfibre version.


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