Road Testing the Rump.a.rooz G2 One Size Nappy

Rump.a.rooz G2 One Size Nappy | Aplix

This is a great nappy, one of my favourites.  The inner gussets have held many a mess with no leakages!  They have a soft inner and come in fantastic colours and patterns.  They also come in either Aplix (velcro) or Snaps!  They have changed design recently – the previous design which I really liked had different tabs – they were a seperate piece sewn on but these are now one piece with the nappy itself which isnt as appealing to me but still the same great nappy they have always been.

Pros | Inner Gusset design is fabulous and soft
Cons | None to date

Description | The Rump•a•rooz® One Size Reusable Diaper is a revolutionary change to the face of cloth diapering today!

Designed with simplicity, Rump•a•rooz® are as easy to use as a disposable diaper, but without all the chemicals, waste and high cost! The Rump•a•rooz® are available in 12 vibrant colors, 6 fun prints and 2 closures. The Rump•a•rooz® One Size Reusable Diaper is 4 diapers sizes in ONE diaper. Everything you will need from birth (6.5 lbs) to potty training (35+ lbs).

Rump•a•rooz® cloth diapers are the ONLY cloth diapers on the market that have been uniquely designed to contain the messiest of messes. The inside of each diaper is designed with 2 gentle internal gussets that channel each leg. No chance of escape for even the messiest or messes! Keep that cute outfit clean! These inner gussets will also be found on the newest member of the Rump•a•rooz® family, the Lil•Joeys.

The Lil•Joeys are a preemie/newborn diaper deisnged to fit from 4-12lbs. They take special care with a snap down front for sensitive cord care during those first precious days. The Lil•Joeys are the simplest of diaper systems on the market for a newborn baby. The internal soaker is 4 layers of thirsty microfiber that have been permanently sewn into the core of the diaper. No stuffing required. The Lil•Joeys are an AIO (all in one) design that is waterproof and requires no cover.

Its no wonder these award winning diapers are the diapers of choice for moms, dads, grandparents and babysitters.  One of the most important decisions new parents face, just got easier.


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