Road Testing the Nenooh Baby One Size Nappy

Nenooh Baby One Size Nappy

When I first got this nappy I thought to myself “how on earth does this work”?  But you can use it as an AI2 or Pocket Nappy.  It has velcro tabs for you to attach the insert to the cover so it doesn’t move around or put it in the pocket.  I love the cover design but not thrilled about the insert shape or size but in saying that it does work really well.

Pros | Great design and you can choose which way to use it – AI2 or as a Pocket Nappy
Cons | Shape and size of the insert

Description | This is a OSFM nappy (One Size Fits Most) 3.5-16kg. This nappy will see a newborn right through to toilet training, no need to buy multiple sizes making it great value for money. The front of the nappy has 4 sets of 3 snaps making it very easy to adjust the rise to suit your baby. The waist is made from a stretchy material and has crossover closure tabs which provide a very comfortable fit around the waist.

Nenooh Baby nappies are different to the other brands, you can choose to use it as a stay dry nappy or have natural fibres next to baby’s skin. Each Nenooh Baby nappy has a layer of oh so soft polar fleece with a covered opening to insert your bamboo inserts. This option keeps baby extremely dry and very comfortable and is a great option for day-care and Dads. When they’re washed and dried just put them together, seal the end and you’ve got easy and convenient AIO’s. OR, attach the bamboo insert at both ends of the nappy and you’ll have soft natural fibre next to baby’s skin which is great for toilet training because they feel wet.

Each Nenooh Baby nappy comes complete with 2 thick, soft bamboo/cotton inserts, 1 newborn size and 1 large size. When bub gets a bit older you can use both inserts for extra absorbency.No extra covers required! Nenooh Baby nappies are waterproof but still breathable. The outside cover is made from beautiful soft, brushed polyester that has been TPU coated.


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