Road Testing the Kushies Ultra-Lite AIO Nappy

Kushies Ultra-Lite Diaper

The Kushies nappy is interesting.  When I received it I immediately thought that it was not going to fit my son – it looks huge but I gave it a go.  I was surprised that it actually fit and well.  It doesn’t dig into his waist at all and it has a waterproof shell with flannel inside instead of bamboo or microfibre – it held up extremely well.  It’s like an old nappy with a new modern look.  No leaks for far, I am happy.

Pros | Doesn’t dig into waist
Cons | Some people may not like using flannel

Description | Kushies Ultra-Lite “All-In-One” form-fitted washable cloth diapers are an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable diapers yet just as easy to use!  Featuring 6 layers of 100% soft cotton-flannel with a special absorbent soaker layer inside, and a lightweight waterproof shell on the outside.  The hook and loop closure system and the extended tabs provide optimum adjustability for a snug fit.  Our patented, built in-flap can be folded up for boys or down for girls for extra absorbency where they need it most. Better for your baby, better for the environment and better for your pocket-book!

They come in 2 sizes – Infant and Toddler and in a range of patterns.


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