Road Testing the Happy Babes AIO OS Nappy

These surprised me!  They are great as an All In One and even better when you add the booster for heavy wetters or for overnight.

Pros | A nice neat nappy with the benefits of bot an AIO and a OS

Cons | Takes a while to dry

Description | Happy Babes All in One, One Size Pocket NappyThe Happy Babes All in One, One Size Pocket nappy is one of a kind. This nappy incorporates the cost effectiveness of a one size nappy with the ease and convenience of an All-in-One nappy.

The AIO OSP also comes with a pocket opening at the top of the nappy so that you can add extra inserts for extra absorbency. This is a fantastic all round nappy for all and especially for busy families.

The Happy Babes AIO OSP nappy comes with the following features:

  • Fits your baby from 3kg-16kg
  • 3 rise settings on the front of the nappy to adjust to the correct size
  • Pocket right at the top of the nappy which stops any solid mess getting on the insert.
  • A material flap in the top of the insert to hold your insert in place.
  • Soft microfleece inner lining which stays dry and wicks moisture away from your baby’s bottom.
  • A waterproof Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) outer cover.
  • Soft elastic around the legs and waist to avoid red marks.
  • Velcro fastening which allows for more adjustability and a more snug fit.
  • A large absorbent 3 layer microfiber insert stitched into the nappy.
  • Laundry tabs on the inside of the nappy for the velcro tabs to attach to when washing.

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