Road Testing the Grubby Bubby High Chair Cover

Grubby Bubby High Chair Covers

I bought this two years ago and have used it so many times I cant workout how it can still look like new!  This has outlasted my highchair to the point that I now use it at the dinner table over the high backed chair and booster seat.  It washes extremely well and dries fast.  A must have item.

Pros | Great Overall Product
Cons | None

Description | The Grubby Bubby High Chair Cover provides a barrier between grubby little hands and high chair nooks and crannies.

Slip it over the seat and arms of your high chair, pull the five-point harness through the slots and secure the leg ties.

At home or eating out it keeps baby food out of seams and stitching, reduces clean up and protects your baby from bacteria and harsh cleaning chemicals.

Our range of contemporary colours will rejuvenate hand-me-downs and turn any high chair into fashionable furniture.

Plus your high chair stays in great condition ready for siblings or resale.

When it’s completely grubby throw it in a warm or cold machine wash.

Some mums use a delicates bag or wrap all the ties in a knot.

Line or tumble dry and straight back on the chair for the next round of grubby bubby mealtime fun.


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