Road Testing the BabyKicks Bumboo Pocket Nappy

BabyKicks Bumboo Pocket Nappy

I loved the look of this nappy and the design was appealing.  Was funky and absorbent but found this not practical for my 19 month old son – the waist is extremely skinny so my average sized son was already on the last setting which was snug and wouldn’t have lasted long on him.  This is perfect for the lean baby/toddler but not for the more cuddly bubs.

Pros | Great Looking
Cons | Sizing is not the best.  If you like this nappy, buy the new & improved 3g version not this version.

Description | The wonderful BabyKicks Bumboo Pocket Diaper is a one-size diaper that is incredible trim and thin. It features luxurious inner lining which ensures only the softest fibers touch baby’s most sensitive areas. The innovative micro fleece barrier design prevents wicking to the outside and special fleece leg air gussets stop leaks and hold messes in while allowing airflow to help prevent diaper rash. No blow-outs or inserts hanging out of the back of this diaper due to the front stuffing pocket. Side snap closures are long-lasting, user-friendly and prevent wing-droop. Colorful snaps look cute and can function as intuitive, color coded sizing guide (if you choose the multi-colored snap option). No cover required due to our super soft breathable waterproof outer shell. Our Bumboo Pocket is sure to quickly become a favorite in your diaper stash. Unbeatable quality and value!


  • One Size Design grows with baby from 7lbs/3.2kg to 35lbs/16kg. The intuitive snap-down sizing system makes adjusting and finding the right size and fit super easy. You will only needs to buy diapers once, saving you time and money!
  • Bamboo/Fleece lining: The incredibly soft inner liner (against baby’s skin) is made of luxurious 30% Certified Organic Cotton and 70% Rayon made from Bamboo. The material will remain soft, absorbent and silky wash after wash.
  • Air Gussets are made of a special fleece material and contain no PUL, which allows for even more air flow to help prevent rashes. The Soft fabric does not leave red marks on baby’s legs, but still protects against leaks and blow outs.
  • Front Pocket allows for easy stuffing of diaper and gives you the option to customize the absorbency. The front pocket eliminates inserts hanging out of the back of the diaper and prevents solids from leaking onto the insert.
  • Side Snaps eliminates wing drop problem and are easy to use, durable and long-lasting. The two rows of four snaps allow for separate waist and thigh adjustment and will give you a perfect fit. Side snaps are harder for toddlers to undo (no playing in poo), and make diaper easy to use as a training pant when the time comes.
  • Waterproof Outer Shell removes the need for a cover. Our super-soft breathable PUL is waterproof and makes sure baby’s clothes stay nice and dry.


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