Road Testing the Baby BeeHinds Magic-Alls AIO Nappy | Smooth

Baby BeeHinds Magic-Alls AIO Nappy | Smooth

I started using these on both my kids a while ago now and they are impressive.   Baby BeeHinds Magic-Alls would be the ONLY nappy I would recommend for long trips, heavy wetters and night time use as they are bulky and highly absorbent.

Pros | Stylish, easy on/off with the aplix and very absorbent!
Cons | Bulky and takes a while to dry as they are an AIO

Description | These AIO nappies are great – highly absorbent and very well made (an Australian Brandline). They are made with a soft and stretchy PUL outer, non-pill suedecloth inner and sewn-in soaker pad of 4 layers of microfibre terry-cloth, these nappies facilitate very quick and easy nappy changes!

Magic-Alls also have a pocket opening sewn in to the back of the nappy… so whilst you can use this as an AIO nappy, you’ll also have the ability to customise the absorbency to suit baby’s own needs at times when extra absorbency might be needed!

If baby is a heavy wetter or the nappy will need to be worn for an extended period, such as during nap-time, simply insert a bamboo ‘Boost-It’ (included in the price) and the absorbency of the nappy is immediately doubled!

This nappy does not require a cover.

UPDATE | This Cloth Nappy was discontinued but under New Management is making it’s come back by early 2012!


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