Road Testing the Doopsy One Size Pocket Nappy “D”

I’m impressed!  They are quick drying, well fitting and they have an interesting insert system.  No leakages as yet and you can tailor the absorbtion!

Upsy Baby is currently the only Australian Retailer to stock the Doospy Diaper in Australia.

Description | Doopsy™ “D” – The One Size Pocket Nappy with DOUBLE PROTECTION!  One Layer of Waterproof Fabric (PUL) on the Nappy + One Layer of Waterproof Fabric (PUL) on the Doopsy™ Insert.

The Doopsy™ “D” Nappy comes with one totally unique Doopsy™ medium / large soaker with waterproof backing (US 61/339,054 patent pending) and one small microfiber insert!

Doopsy™ “D” Nappy is adjustable in both size and absorbency and can be used on most babies that range from 4.5-16 kgs. They feature the snap adjustment system that allows for a trim fit tailored to your baby´s body type.

Doopsy™ “D” Nappy comes in a variety of adorable colors, are made of quality breathable waterproof fabric to prevent leaking and have a soft microfleece inside layer to keep your baby dry and happy. The Doopsy™ Insert / Soaker that comes with the Doopsy™ “D” Nappy offers the ultimate versatility, absorbency and leak protection!

Doopsy™ One Size Pocket Nappy “D” comes with:

  • One Doopsy™ medium – large Insert / Soaker with waterproof backing (PUL fabric)
  • One 4 Layer Microfiber Insert.

Please Note: Super Doospy sold seperately – this is the microfibre version.


Road Testing the Kidbasix Safe Sporter Bottle

I tried these out on my 2 young toddlers with absolute success!  Firstly, no annoying bits to clean and my kids still have fun drinking out of them so it keeps their fluid intake at a maximum.  Two thumbs up.


Description | Introducing the KidBasix Safe Sporter which incorporates a stainless steel vessel, the Safe Sporter is ideal for lunch boxes, school bags and back packs.

Features include

  • Mud Cap for keeping the spout clean.
  • TPR sleeve, providing insulation for cold liquids.
  • Secure Pull Spout which is secure, yet easy for kids to open.
  • Wide Mouth for easy cleaning. Especially useful for adding ice cubes on a warm day.
  • Durable coaster protects the bottom of the bottle if dropped.

Road Testing the Loveybums Wool Pull-Up Cover

If you want an even more natural alternative to cover your fitted nappies, this wool cover is wonderful.  Believe it or not, the wool won’t leak through due to the lanolin and interlocking. Pros | Natural wool, soft and leakproof Cons | No cons to date Description | Our pull-up wool covers are made with […]

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Road Testing the Baby BeeHinds Night Nappy

Great heavy-duty night nappy and great for heavy wetters!  I just wish that it didn’t need a PUL Nappy Cover.  Super absorbent but bulky.  If you don’t mind using a PUL Nappy Cover or a bulky nappy as you are in desperate need of something to get your little one through the night then this […]

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Road Testing the Happy Heinys Pocket Trainers

These are great for not only toilet training but for bed wetters as well – you can add absorbency depending on your child’s situation.  Comes in a great range of funky colours and prints and different styles. Pros | Can add absorbency & comes in a great range of colours and prints Cons | Not as fitted and trim […]

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Road Testing the Happy Babes AIO OS Nappy

These surprised me!  They are great as an All In One and even better when you add the booster for heavy wetters or for overnight. Pros | A nice neat nappy with the benefits of bot an AIO and a OS Cons | Takes a while to dry Description | Happy Babes All in One, One Size Pocket […]

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Road Testing the Blueberry Day Trainers

Blueberry Day Trainers

I absolutely loves these!  They are adorable on and very practical.  These would be my number one favourite with training pants. Pros | Stylish non bulky training pant Cons | A little thicker than a standard training pant Description | These training pants are designed to feel like real underwear for those who are potty training. With an […]

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Road Testing the Baby BeeHinds Magic-Alls AIO Nappy | Smooth

Baby BeeHinds Magic-Alls AIO Nappy | Smooth

I started using these on both my kids a while ago now and they are impressive.   Baby BeeHinds Magic-Alls would be the ONLY nappy I would recommend for long trips, heavy wetters and night time use as they are bulky and highly absorbent. Pros | Stylish, easy on/off with the aplix and very absorbent! Cons | Bulky […]

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Road Testing the Rump.a.rooz G2 One Size Nappy

Rump.a.rooz G2 One Size Nappy | Aplix

This is a great nappy, one of my favourites.  The inner gussets have held many a mess with no leakages!  They have a soft inner and come in fantastic colours and patterns.  They also come in either Aplix (velcro) or Snaps!  They have changed design recently – the previous design which I really liked had […]

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Road Testing the Silly Billyz Toddler Bibs

Silly Billyz Toddler Bib

I think they are on a real winner with these – I have one for my messy toddler and it saves sleeves and the rest of the clothing.  Not to mention none to very little food falls down the neckline.  The wash really well and are quick drying. Pros | Great Coverage compared to other bibs […]

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